Reclaiming Body Sovereignty Workbook


The Reclaiming Body Sovereignty Workbook is a five-part guide to learning about and integrating the elements of Mindfulness, Self Compassion and Discernment into your relationship with your body and your daily life.

Upon purchase, an email with a link to a PDF file of the workbook is automatically sent to you. If you do not get the email with the link, please contact me so I can get the file to you.  My email address is: 

Reclaiming Body Sovereignty can be helpful for those who are just starting their journey of body acceptance in providing a framework and tools to support your on your journey.  And for those who have been doing this work for a while it is an opportunity  to dig a little deeper – to look at things from another perspective, gain more tools for growth.

Section 1: Introduction and Laying the Ground Work
Section 2: Nurturing Mindfulness
Section 3: Inviting Self Compassion
Section 4: Opening to Discernment
Section 5: Bringing it all Together, Living Body Sovereign

Each section includes an overview of the element, worksheets, exercises and self-reflective questions.  Links to videos and other resources to support your work are also provided.