Body Sovereignty…

…is about feeling comfortable in your own skin, revelling in a healthy and nourishing relationship with your body.  Leaving behind body loathing, the diet treadmill and waiting for some future body before you start living your life as you want.

Why is this important? Developing Body Sovereignty is necessary not only for our sense of self, and the powerful impact of releasing body hatred on our lives. It is also important for our physical well-being because healthy habits like exercise and eating well that are built on the foundation of Body Sovereignty are more likely to last long term.

To truly do the best for our bodies and our health we are better served by letting go the unhelpful idea that our body size or shape needs to change into a preconceived ideal to be healthy and vital. We can do this by working with the Body Sovereignty tools of Mindfulness, Compassion and Discernment.

My work is grounded in the values and principles of Health at Every Size, which I believe beautifully supports the work of reclaiming body sovereignty.


I invite you to join me on this journey and reclaim your birthright to be fully present and home in your body.  Become Body Sovereign.

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