The Gifts of Body Sovereignty Course.

The Gifts of Body Sovereignty CourseThree Graces by Ruben

I am very excited about my new offering, The Gifts of Body Sovereignty Course.  This four-part self directed course uses the tools of guided meditation and mandala creation to strengthen our ability to foster Self Compassion, Mindfulness and Discernment in our relationship with our body and in our day to day lives.

Clients often tell me a big challenge they face in their quest for body sovereignty is acknowledging and feeling their body sovereignty on an emotional level.  Many of us become frustrated because we  feel we *know* about the importance of good relationship with our body and we intellectually resonate with the idea of body sovereignty.  We’ve read the books, we’ve  opened our eyes and seen the injustice of body shaming in the world and we definitely know that the way we are relating to our body now isn’t working.

Unfortunately, many people get stuck in the critical thinking part of this work and struggle with knowing these teachings on a deeper and emotional level.  Which is where the truly transformative work resides…deep in our bones.  My vision for this course is to offer a soft and nurturing  space for people to engage in reclaiming their body sovereignty in a deep and profound way. The tools and exercises in this course will support your ability to fully embrace your body sovereignty, look at yourself with new eyes and become body sovereign.

Purchase The Gifts of Body Sovereignty Course – $15 CAD

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