Body Sovereignty Home Study Package


Feeling motivated to heal your relationship with your body?  These two tools can give a major boost to your journey to body sovereignty.

The Reclaiming Body Sovereignty workbook is a five-part workbook that will guide you in learning about and integrating the elements of Mindfulness, Self Compassion and Discernment into your daily life.

Each section includes an overview of the element, worksheets, exercises and self-reflective questions.  Links to videos and other resources to support your work are also provided.

The Gifts of Body Sovereignty Course provides an opporutnity to dig deeper into this important work, with guided meditations and creative expression through mandalas creation that invites deep and integrative learning.

Together, this workbook and course can support you in your goals to feel better in your body and reclaim your body sovereignty by providing you a framework and tools for healing and growth.

You will receive these tools in two parts:

1.Upon purchase, an email with a link to a PDF file of the Reclaiming Body Sovereignty Workbook is automatically sent to you. 

2.Within 24 hrs of purchase, a link to The Gifts of Body Sovereignty course page on my website will be emailed to you, along with the password to access. 

If you do not automatically receive the link to the workbook, or receive access to the course within 24 hrs, please contact me right away at:



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